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Over 29 Years of Marketing and Branding History

To put our longevity into perspective, Baisden and Company Advertising and Branding, Inc. was founded during the last days of Ronald Reagan’s first term. At the time, few of us knew (or cared) what a cell phone was and even fewer of us understood why we might need a new gadget called a “personal computer.” The Internet? Most of Central Florida was still waiting for cable TV.

Over the years, Baisden and Company has earned countless awards for its consistently high quality, high impact creativity and served as advertising and marketing advisors for dozens of clients in a wide range of industries, from commercial and residential real estate to nutritional supplements to high-tech software solutions.

You’ll notice that our creative executions often wink at the “rules,” but always respect the audience. Effective communications open the hearts and minds of your prospective customers, while tightening the bonds of your existing relationships.

Along with our creativity, we’re extremely proud of our strategic planning and media research abilities. After all, a brilliantly produced ad or web site isn’t worth much if the message is wrong or nobody ever sees it. That’s why we take the time to identify your key markets, learn who your ideal prospects are, understand their needs and find the most cost-effective means of reaching them. We consider every possible method for communicating your message before presenting our recommendations.

Our media planning and buying division is extremely adept at developing targeted media buys – at the best possible rates – in markets across the country. Not just here in Tampa. Afterward, we analyze performance to ensure that your marketing investment yields the maximum return.

Depending on the client, audience, message and budget, our media strategies can include a mix of trade and consumer magazines, search engine marketing, business and news publications, highly targeted direct mail programs, e-mail marketing, social media, trade show materials, public relations and publicity, corporate videos and computer-based training, television, cable and radio campaigns, point-of-sale programs, out-of-home marketing, packaging, t-shirts, bumper stickers…you name it. After 29 years, we’ve done it all.

On top of all that, we add a liberal dose of highly attentive account service. Our account executives are experienced marketing professionals who are insightful, responsive, intuitive, and unlike our creative staff, fairly well-groomed. They anticipate opportunities that may arise, not merely react to them. They’re committed to your company’s success and dedicated to helping you accomplish your goals.

You can measure ad agencies by the number of employees, billings, even the receptionist’s smile. But at the end of the day, it’s all about the quality of the work and the passion of its employees.


Philosophy: Revolution

Welcome to the Revolution

There was a time, not long ago, when media planning was as easy as buying afternoon drive radio, the 11 o’clock News, and a page in the sports section of the local fish wrap.

Today? Not so much.

Traditional mainstream media – once impervious advertising venues – are fighting for survival. And relevance.

But truth be told, there are actually more cost-effective media choices out there than ever before. More opportunities for your company to stand out from your competition and be noticed.

That’s a very good thing.

Philosophy: Market Psyche

Enlightened & Strategic Brands Penetrate the Market Psyche

They create a sphere of influence. And generate a mystical aura around their products and services that commands rabid customer loyalty.

Some refer to it as having a high “coolness factor.”

Enlightened and strategic brands shift perspectives. Change attitudes. Alter opinions. And seemingly re-define the marketplace.

They don’t just have satisfied customers. They create passionate disciples.

Philosophy: Love/Hate

Create a Love/Hate Relationship

Brands fail for one primary reason: instead of building a brand some people are madly in love with, companies try to build brands no one hates.

If you think back to grade school, part of growing up is accepting the fact that no matter how hard you try, you simply won’t be liked by everyone. And if you’ve ever waited on tables in a restaurant, then you are hip to the fact that some people simply will not and cannot be satisfied. (They don’t tip well, either.)

So, instead of wasting your energy and resources trying to brand your products or services to satisfy everyone on the planet, why not focus on those people who have a devout, spiritual connection with your brand?

Baisden + Company Advertising Philosophy: Look Beyond

Look Beyond the Transaction

Obviously, it’s the rare company that can achieve true cult status. But by understanding the role of these brands in the lives of customers and their ability to satisfy a much higher set of needs, you’re able to see the unlimited potential of your own brand.

Want to drive your competition crazy? Re-invent the marketplace. Provide a rewarding experience that complements – not compliments – the customer’s self-esteem.

Remember: The only real difference between a nightclub and a bar is the red velevet rope.

Philosophy: Inclusive

Enlightened & Strategic Brands Are All-Inclusive

The most effective brands don’t have a one-dimensional personality or speak with a single voice.

Branding is about lots of little brilliant ideas that address various facets of a brand’s personality and the market’s diversity. The tone can occasionally be serious, sometimes humorous.

But always fresh.

Philosophy: Disciples

Recognize & Nurture Your Disciples

Unfortunately, many companies are so bottom-line focused and pressured to grow, they invest all of their resources on potential new customers, losing sight of their existing customers.

Enlightened brands identify and embrace the customers they already have. They reward those who “get it” without pandering to those who don’t.

Look to your congregation and value their opinions. Do extraordinary things for them and they’ll become invincible evangelists.

Philosophy: Daring

Enlightened & Strategic Brands Are Daring and Determined

Consumers embrace brands where their creators pushed the limits, took significant risks, and produced new and different things. Consumers are tired of being bombarded with products and services that all look the same, feel the same, and act the same.

Enlightened brands are full of surprises and reward their customers with breakthrough products or services. Or a fresh, satisfying buying experience.

Bland brands fade. Quickly.

Philosophy: Brand Success

Brand Success Isn’t Measured in ROI. It’s Measured in Hearts.

Strategic and enlightened brands don’t belong to marketers. They belong to the customer.

After all, this isn’t a beauty contest. Successful brands have charisma; the ability to enchant and inspire. They’re influential.

Ultimately, the customer’s embrace is the only vote that counts. And the quickest way to their heart is to satisfy their wants, needs and desires.

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