AVI-SPL – Two Companies, One Brand


Our Client: Audio Visual Innovations – AVI, started in 1979 and was one of America’s largest providers of audio and video products and services. In 2008, AVI merged with Signal Perfection Limited – SPL, to form AVI-SPL, the world’s leading video communications provider with 1400 employees and 36 offices around the world.

Our Task: To create a new identity for AVI-SPL. The next step was to take the thoughts and ideas that came from our discussions to define the voice and personality of this new brand. We then built the marketing messages around those ideas.

Our Answer: We took two very successful companies and created a unified look and feel that conveyed the brand equity that both had built within the marketplace. We developed a multi-media campaign that included B2B print, direct mail and email, online and social media as well as ideas for corporate films and web applications.