A Day In The Life

We’ll be posting a series of photos and videos as often as we can (daily?) to showcase a day in the life at Baisden+Co. Check back often to watch the story unfold. We’ll be making it into a video when it’s done so you can see how it evolves.

The Business of Great Design and What it Means For Your Brand

So, what does great design mean to you? Your business? Your customers? Your brand? Great design means many things to many different people, but for the sake of argument, let’s grab a definition from Wikipedia: Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system. Design has […]

The Mystique of Creating Your Own Content

Everyone wants to be the next Internet sensation. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. And in “Generation YouTube”, this is easier than ever. However, not many people know how to make something that sticks. Keeps people talking. Something that surpasses 15 minutes. An example of how simplistic the humor of our society is, is […]

What Women (and Men) Want!

We all think that we know what we want. Or at least, we like to think we know what the other sex wants. Women think all men think about are women and men think women are always thinking about them. Turns out, neither are thinking about the opposite sex THAT much! Social media monitoring company […]

The weather outside is…

There’s an app for everything these days. 10 years ago, they didn’t even exist. Today, people use apps for anything from checking stocks to playing games with friends. They use them to stay up to date on news and navigate their way around the city. What apps have you downloaded to your phone recently? If you […]

Playing it Safe

Everyone gets excited for the Super Bowl. Good food, friends and of course adult beverages. But everybody knows that half the draw of the Super Bowl is the amazing, over-the-top commercials that air throughout the four hours of game time. However, viewers were most likely let down a bit this year by the commercials. In […]

Turning Your Data into Dollars?

Ever have the feeling you’re being followed? Someone tracking your every move? Taking note of the things you do and the things you like? What if I told you this could be a good thing? Every move you make on the Internet is documented and recorded. Companies spend billions of dollars every year to acquire […]


How many times have you been playing around on Facebook, avoiding doing work, and you notice a special little “Like” button on the top of a company or group page?  Chances are, most of us have.  You may have even clicked that “Like” button because, well, you like this company or group.  Why else would […]