Bloggers have bills too, you know!

In today’s society with Twitter and Facebook, we are constantly telling people what is on our minds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Are we really that interesting that there is someone out there who wants to know our inner thoughts and plans for the day as we are thinking them? (I.E “Great […]

Because Ogilvy Said So

We are always looking for the answer.  The right way to do things.  A checklist we can go through and if we have done everything on it, then our idea should be a success.  But we also want to be trail blazers.  Rule breakers.  Say “No thanks!” to “The Man” and do our own thing. […]

Marketing Made Easy(er)

So what is this? 60’s Pop Art 80’s Video Game Bathroom Tile Actually, it isn’t any of those. It is something much more multifaceted and innovative. It is called a QR code, or Quick Response code. But what purpose does this 80’s-game-wannabe serve? It is in fact a great marketing tool that has been implemented […]

Mobile Devices: Future of Advertising? (And when will it get here?)

It used to be that newspapers and magazines were great places to advertise. Everyone read the morning paper and there were magazine stands on every corner with pages and pages of someone selling something masked in a glossy, colorful package. Now, the printed newspaper is becoming obsolete and magazine sales are down. Today, the majority […]

Out With the New, In With the Old!

People are creatures of routine… our comfort is largely based on familiarity. We like to go to the same places to shop and buy the items that we have always loved. But what happens when something highly recognizable changes? Earlier this month the clothing store chain, The Gap, decided to change their logo without telling […]

You “Like” Me… You Really “Like” Me!

 An article online at Advertising Age delved deeper into the question,”What are the benefits of the “Like” button on a company’s Facebook page?”  More and more companies, 350 million per the Wall Street Journal, are adding these “like” buttons to their Facebook pages.  But what information is really being achieved by these buttons? Companies stand to benefit from the “Like” button […]

Best of The Worst…

Sorry for the hiatus.. we were all busy over at the Ish Network being hilarious. As we were reading this week’s issue of AdWeek we came across a listing of the worst ad of 2010…so far. According to the Staples spot, known as the “WOW Guy” was voted Worst Spot. As stated in the article, some clients don’t […]

Forget about Foursquare?

In the age of the ever evolving marketing world everyone is jumping on board “the latest craze.” A pair of articles on Ad tells us, maybe being the first to be a part of a trend isn’t always the best thing to do. The articles talk about Foursquare, one of the newer social media trends. […]

Tweeting in Circles..

To Tweet or not to Tweet… that is a recent question that many companies are faced with in this age of online social media. But does being an active member of Twitter’s online community help a company get their branding out there or is it simply typing in the wind? AdAge magazine recently posted an article about […]

Games that Mean More…

Gaming has progressed way beyond the black and white days of Pong, or even beyond the coin grabbing days of Mario Bros. Just as social media is the “new wave” of advertising, games have evolved into a method of delivering messages and a means of making a difference for important causes. In this week’s AdWeek magazine we […]