Bloggers have bills too, you know!

In today’s society with Twitter and Facebook, we are constantly telling people what is on our minds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Are we really that interesting that there is someone out there who wants to know our inner thoughts and plans for the day as we are thinking them? (I.E “Great work out at the gym! Headed to Starbucks for an iced latte! Great morning!!! No. We are not.

However, this new wave of communication has opened up an avenue for people to converse on a different level. It’s called blogging (ever heard of it?) and almost everyone is doing it. But what sets apart the people who are using it for business related purposes and those who just want yet another platform to simply talk about themselves? I will tell you, via my blog!!

The fashion industry has always been somewhat, how do you say, snooty. Now, they are turning to bloggers to help their business become more relatable and down-to-earth. Bloggers give companies like Kate Spade and Oscar De La Renta a “people’s voice” and allows readers into their world with a form of communicating that reaches readers on a more personal level. It makes them feel as if they are a reading a friend’s diary (albeit a very wealthy and fashionable friend) about what is going on in their world today. However, these bloggers are helping these brands grow, and for what?!

While blogging isn’t anything new, the idea of being paid for your outlook on life is. Bloggers are starting to realize what a marketable entity they are and that they should be compensated for their services. They are almost like celebrities! They have loyal followers and people that want to meet them. Bloggers are beginning to command money for their services, and why shouldn’t they!! From personal appearances to design collaborations, bloggers are really starting to rake it in.

Concerns from the fashion houses include giving up control of what will be written about their company. However, a true blogger knows what will resonate with their audience. They know what the people want!! And isn’t that why you work with them in the first place?

So to all you cold-hearted companies that don’t want to shell out the big bucks for these mavens of branding, think of where your company would be without them. Think real hard.

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