Baisden + Co. Sponsors Mission 31

Baisden + Co. is a proud sponsor of Mission 31, providing all of the signage and merchandise. Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31 will break new ground in ocean exploration and also coincides with the 50th anniversary of a monumental legacy left by his grandfather Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who is credited with creating the first ocean floor habitats […]

A New Portfolio Piece

We have recently added a new print layout to our online portfolio. You may view it (here). We are especially proud of this design for BelQuette, showcasing the white lettering, which is always a challenge no matter the media. BelQuette began developing a technology that would help to create a new, niche market within the […]

Controversial Ads

Looking back over the past year, or more recently just this past month, we noticed one ad in particular causing quite a stir. With all of the new holiday commercials trying to sell you this or that, the “Show Your Joe” or lovingly nicknamed “Jingle Balls” commercial from Kmart stood out… to everyone. Some consumers […]

Playing it Safe

Everyone gets excited for the Super Bowl. Good food, friends and of course adult beverages. But everybody knows that half the draw of the Super Bowl is the amazing, over-the-top commercials that air throughout the four hours of game time. However, viewers were most likely let down a bit this year by the commercials. In […]


How many times have you been playing around on Facebook, avoiding doing work, and you notice a special little “Like” button on the top of a company or group page?  Chances are, most of us have.  You may have even clicked that “Like” button because, well, you like this company or group.  Why else would […]

Bloggers have bills too, you know!

In today’s society with Twitter and Facebook, we are constantly telling people what is on our minds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Are we really that interesting that there is someone out there who wants to know our inner thoughts and plans for the day as we are thinking them? (I.E “Great […]

Because Ogilvy Said So

We are always looking for the answer.  The right way to do things.  A checklist we can go through and if we have done everything on it, then our idea should be a success.  But we also want to be trail blazers.  Rule breakers.  Say “No thanks!” to “The Man” and do our own thing. […]

Marketing Made Easy(er)

So what is this? 60’s Pop Art 80’s Video Game Bathroom Tile Actually, it isn’t any of those. It is something much more multifaceted and innovative. It is called a QR code, or Quick Response code. But what purpose does this 80’s-game-wannabe serve? It is in fact a great marketing tool that has been implemented […]

Mobile Devices: Future of Advertising? (And when will it get here?)

It used to be that newspapers and magazines were great places to advertise. Everyone read the morning paper and there were magazine stands on every corner with pages and pages of someone selling something masked in a glossy, colorful package. Now, the printed newspaper is becoming obsolete and magazine sales are down. Today, the majority […]