The Baisden Bees

We’ve had a long run with our honey bees that nested in our building, but sadly they had to go. They had been “Africanized” so no one was able to move the nest. Here is a picture of our brave owner, Larry Baisden, all suited up for battle!

Baisden + Co. Sponsors Mission 31

Baisden + Co. is a proud sponsor of Mission 31, providing all of the signage and merchandise. Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31 will break new ground in ocean exploration and also coincides with the 50th anniversary of a monumental legacy left by his grandfather Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who is credited with creating the first ocean floor habitats […]

A Day In The Life

We’ll be posting a series of photos and videos as often as we can (daily?) to showcase a day in the life at Baisden+Co. Check back often to watch the story unfold. We’ll be making it into a video when it’s done so you can see how it evolves.

On the Naming of Things

For those of you who get my Andrew Bird reference. . . we’re trying to help a long-standing client come up with a new name to do with their new business approach and new lines of business.   It’s been both fun and challenging.  They want something creative, unique and a bit off-the-wall.  So we’re brainstorming.  […]

Chirp, Burp, and Bah

  As of Monday morning, around 11:00am -ish, the Baisden + Co. website went el vivo. {That’s spanish for “live” . . . maybe} It is just the first of many stages to come, still in what I would call the testing stage.  Working out the kinks, bugs, and changing our minds on things almost […]

American Academy of Advertising

Just got back from the 50th Annual American Academy of Advertising conference in San Mateo, California.   There is some really great research going on into new media and messaging.   I’ll be sure to put up some key insights this week so stay tuned. I’ll also post the movie version of my presentation on brand-sponsored MySpace […]

We exist!

We’ve finally got a sign out front so if you’re driving down S. Manhattan, swing on in and say hello!

New Name, New Location for M/B!

NEW NAME, NEW LOCATION FOR ONE OF TAMPA’S MOST EXPERIENCED AD AGENCIES Venerable Tampa Advertising Agency Escapes SoHo, Becomes Baisden + Company Tampa, Florida – Mueller/Baisden Advertising is now Baisden+Company. The 24-year old firm has also announced it has moved into new offices on trendy South Manhattan Boulevard in Tampa. According to the company’s president […]

Holiday Party Pics

We had an awesome dinner (thanks, Larry!) at the Palm and everyone left without embarrassing themselves. Oh well. There’s always next year.