Baisden + Co. Sponsors Mission 31

Baisden + Co. is a proud sponsor of Mission 31, providing all of the signage and merchandise. Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31 will break new ground in ocean exploration and also coincides with the 50th anniversary of a monumental legacy left by his grandfather Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who is credited with creating the first ocean floor habitats […]

A New Portfolio Piece

We have recently added a new print layout to our online portfolio. You may view it (here). We are especially proud of this design for BelQuette, showcasing the white lettering, which is always a challenge no matter the media. BelQuette began developing a technology that would help to create a new, niche market within the […]

Hello again!

Well hello there! It’s been awhile since we wrote, but the creative thoughts have been flowing into some exciting things here at Baisden+Co! More on that soon….  Here at B+C we haven’t lost our focus of what is important… your business flourishing during these financial “hard times.” How can we accomplish that? By stepping up […]

Go Rays!

This year has been a big year for the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays.  A new name, a new logo, and now, they move on to the American League Championship Series.  This new logo, whatever you think of it, has been pretty controversial -along with the dropping of the ‘Devil’ in their name.

On the Naming of Things

For those of you who get my Andrew Bird reference. . . we’re trying to help a long-standing client come up with a new name to do with their new business approach and new lines of business.   It’s been both fun and challenging.  They want something creative, unique and a bit off-the-wall.  So we’re brainstorming.  […]

Chirp, Burp, and Bah

  As of Monday morning, around 11:00am -ish, the Baisden + Co. website went el vivo. {That’s spanish for “live” . . . maybe} It is just the first of many stages to come, still in what I would call the testing stage.  Working out the kinks, bugs, and changing our minds on things almost […]

Just putting together a list of possible ideas to advertise and I’m really excited. This is a site that lends itself to doing some really cool stuff – since it’s a really cool idea. Social networking, viral seeding, traditional online advertising. . . those are the obvious answers. It’s also easy for a website […]

Hillsborough County Cyber Safe campaign

As a part of the Public Service Committee of Tampa Bay’s Ad Fed, I’ve been working on a very simple website for Hillsborough County’s Cyber Safe campaign. While the site is nothing major, the campaign will take Hillsborough County by storm in the next couple weeks. Expect to see a PSA on television, billboards all […]

Hey Hey We’re Gorillas!

Baisden + Co. just wrapped up production on a new television campaign for long-time client, GorillaTrades, starring former Monkee and teen idol, Davy Jones. In the testimonial spots, Davy confesses that he “used to trade like a Monkee” but now invests like a Gorilla, while strumming a few familiar bars on an acoustic guitar. The […]