The Mystique of Creating Your Own Content

Everyone wants to be the next Internet sensation. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. And in “Generation YouTube”, this is easier than ever. However, not many people know how to make something that sticks. Keeps people talking. Something that surpasses 15 minutes. An example of how simplistic the humor of our society is, is […]

What Women (and Men) Want!

We all think that we know what we want. Or at least, we like to think we know what the other sex wants. Women think all men think about are women and men think women are always thinking about them. Turns out, neither are thinking about the opposite sex THAT much! Social media monitoring company […]

Marketing Made Easy(er)

So what is this? 60’s Pop Art 80’s Video Game Bathroom Tile Actually, it isn’t any of those. It is something much more multifaceted and innovative. It is called a QR code, or Quick Response code. But what purpose does this 80’s-game-wannabe serve? It is in fact a great marketing tool that has been implemented […]