Controversial Ads

Looking back over the past year, or more recently just this past month, we noticed one ad in particular causing quite a stir. With all of the new holiday commercials trying to sell you this or that, the “Show Your Joe” or lovingly nicknamed “Jingle Balls” commercial from Kmart stood out… to everyone. Some consumers […]

Turning Your Data into Dollars?

Ever have the feeling you’re being followed? Someone tracking your every move? Taking note of the things you do and the things you like? What if I told you this could be a good thing? Every move you make on the Internet is documented and recorded. Companies spend billions of dollars every year to acquire […]

Marketing Made Easy(er)

So what is this? 60’s Pop Art 80’s Video Game Bathroom Tile Actually, it isn’t any of those. It is something much more multifaceted and innovative. It is called a QR code, or Quick Response code. But what purpose does this 80’s-game-wannabe serve? It is in fact a great marketing tool that has been implemented […]

Alternate Reality for alternative realities

Online advertising is on the increase.  It’s obvious.  The Internet Advertising Bureau found that online ad revenues hit $5.8 billion for the first quarter of 2008 – an 18.2% increase over the same period last year. And as this trend continues, advertisers are forced to find new and innovative ways to promote their wares to […]

Just putting together a list of possible ideas to advertise and I’m really excited. This is a site that lends itself to doing some really cool stuff – since it’s a really cool idea. Social networking, viral seeding, traditional online advertising. . . those are the obvious answers. It’s also easy for a website […]

Work with – not against – your brand disciples

The lesson, plain and simple: if you’re not with us, you’re against us. We’re talking mostly about new technology here. Keeping up with the times. Utilizing it – not fighting it. We’re talking about YouTube for one. About MySpace and Facebook. About how your customers are spreading messages about you and about how you have […]

Social Networking 101

Just finished a semester long research project on the uses, motivations, and gratifications of social networking. Had 725 respondents from all walks of life, and have some great, reliable data indicating what features people use for what reasons, how important these thing are, and why they stick around. Consider this: of my entire random sample, […]

Contradiction in Brand Beliefs

Dove recently seeded a couple really impactful viral vids that illuminate the mutlitude of images of beauty that bombard us everyday. The ads are shocking and sad, and also very very realistic. They make you think. And they’re a great social commentary. Unfortunately for Dove, they’re just a little too effective. They’ve drawn such attention […]

Google Has Always Been a One-Upper

I just love that the very day after Microsoft announces they’ve won the battle for a stake in Facebook, and the exclusive rights to advertising on that site, Google launches OpenSocial. Once again, Microsoft’s proprietary, closed-systems approach is one-upped by Google’s open-source cross-platform compatible usual self. Poor Bill. Just when you thought you had ’em! […]