CSS 3 is blowing my mind!

So it might not be quite that exciting, but I’ve been reading all kinds of articles about the cool stuff we web folks will soon be able to do with CSS.  No more images – hooray! A couple of the great articles: WebMonkey’s ‘Get Started with CSS3’ (I’ve already started incorporating a few of these […]

5 free ways to increase foot traffic using the web

We design websites for a lot of small businesses that rely on in-store sales for their income, not their website.  Their site is only to let people know about what they sell and where they are; basically, an online brochure.  And that’s fine for a lot of small business owners. The web is a powerful […]

Chirp, Burp, and Bah

  As of Monday morning, around 11:00am -ish, the Baisden + Co. website went el vivo. {That’s spanish for “live” . . . maybe} It is just the first of many stages to come, still in what I would call the testing stage.  Working out the kinks, bugs, and changing our minds on things almost […]

Top Ten SEO Tips

I am so familiar with these basic principles, I sometimes forget that it’s not common knowledge. That’s how into myself I am. Kidding. But really, they’re the basics of search engine optimization. Take a look at your site and, if you’re not getting the visits you’d like, you might want to take note. From WebPro […]

Basic Website Design Principles

I surf the web. A lot. I mean a LOT. And I’m constantly taking note of (and bookmarking) interesting and well-designed navigation structures. Forget about content for a moment: I’m talking just about how someone gets through a website – where and how they click. How the website ‘leads’ a user down the intended path […]

Geekipedia – Soak It In

Geekipedia is more than just information: it’s also WHY these things are important and relevant. I encourage clients and friends to read some entries to get quick updates on what’s going on in the mysterious world in which I spend my days . . .