Chirp, Burp, and Bah

 Baisden + Co. Website

As of Monday morning, around 11:00am -ish, the Baisden + Co. website went el vivo. {That’s spanish for “live” . . . maybe}

It is just the first of many stages to come, still in what I would call the testing stage.  Working out the kinks, bugs, and changing our minds on things almost daily will most likely be routine over the next 30 days or so.  The biggest area that will evolve initially will be the work area.  We’ll be adding more and more client art and descriptions to the logos floating around in the sky.  Next will be the development of the additional islands, one will take on a Strategic personality while the other takes on the . . . you guessed it, Enlightened personality. 

We’ll also be adding some cool things throughout the site, such as staff photos, maybe some video if we can get around to actually shooting some.  I have one somewhere of Jason juggling, maybe that can be the first.  We’ve got a 30 second tour of our new offices as well, but we’ve got some new people here and some old people not, so maybe a re-shoot would be in order.  And I’m thinking a nice video involving spray glue, maybe some feathers, and an unsuspecting member of the crew would be a great addition as well.

The site looks really great though, if I don’t say so myself.  Every website, or any artwork for that matter, evolves over time as ideas and direction become clearer.  In my opinion, the Baisden site is an awesome starting point for an interactive world that introduces our culture and branding mentality to the user.  

Be sure to check back often as things will certainly change and grow. 

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