Go Rays!

This year has been a big year for the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays.  A new name, a new logo, and now, they move on to the American League Championship Series.  This new logo, whatever you think of it, has been pretty controversial -along with the dropping of the ‘Devil’ in their name.

With the unique climate and atmosphere from which they originate, I’m not sure how the marketing team who developed the Rays’ new look seemed to lose all originality.   Tampa Bay boasts tropical weather, a marine environment second to none, and a burgeoning arts district that surrounds the field at which they play.  So how did we end up with the bland, blue blech that is the new Rays’ logo?  We’ve lost all reference to our area (at least Devil Rays are an actual aquatic species native to the area) and seem to blend in visually with every other inland, up-nort team.

Either way, I’m stoked the Rays have made it so far and though I’m not a huge baseball fan, I’ll support ’em no matter what colors they rock.  As long as they stay in St. Pete, anyway.

Tampa Bay Rays

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