Hello again!

Well hello there! It’s been awhile since we wrote, but the creative thoughts have been flowing into some exciting things here at Baisden+Co! More on that soon…. 

Here at B+C we haven’t lost our focus of what is important… your business flourishing during these financial “hard times.” How can we accomplish that? By stepping up your advertising…..

Yes, we’re serious.

 It’s been said that cutting back on advertising during a recession is like stopping a clock to save time.

During the past 25 years, Baisden+Company has helped clients weather several “economic downturns.” This one certainly won’t be the last. And if there is anything we’ve learned it’s that dumping your marketing plan now is an effective way to kick the legs out from under your business.

Fact is, advertising during a recession may actually give you a chance to dominate your market and seize market share, especially if your competitors have pulled back their advertising.

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