Hey Hey We’re Gorillas!

Baisden + Co. just wrapped up production on a new television campaign for long-time client, GorillaTrades, starring former Monkee and teen idol, Davy Jones. In the testimonial spots, Davy confesses that he “used to trade like a Monkee” but now invests like a Gorilla, while strumming a few familiar bars on an acoustic guitar.

The :30 and :15 spots were shot on Super 16 by Curtis Graham’s Greyhouse Films on a simple white cyc at the very nicely equipped Indie Studios in St. Petersburg, FL. Editorial was handed by Greg Metcalfe of Davy Jones and Gorilla Trades commercial shootSawmill Productions. The campaign is running heavily on CNBC and the Bloomberg Financial Network, targeting DIY investors and day-traders.

GorillaTrades is an online stock-picking service. The firm processes more than 6,000 stocks each day for a set of specific technical parameters that consistently appear before a stock makes an explosive upward move. Stocks that match the criteria are flagged as “Gorilla Picks” and then added to the Gorilla’s tracking portfolio and disseminated among the website’s subscribers in a nightly e-mail. For more information about GorillaTrades, check out their website.

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