Fabien Cousteau’s Mission 31 – A Brand Under Pressure

Our Client: Fabien Cousteau is an oceanographic explorer, conservationist, documentary filmmaker and first grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau. In June 2014, 9 miles off the Florida Keys and 63 feet beneath the surface, he and his team embarked on Mission 31. They set a world record by working and living underwater for 31 days. Breaking his grandfather’s 50 year-old record by 1 day.

Our Task: To help build a consistent brand identity for Mission 31

Our Answer: The first step was to refresh the existing logo because Mission 31 was to be televised around the world via broadcast and online news outlets. We created a consistent image for that identity as it was used throughout the mission’s living and working environment. From their wet suits, team clothing, water bottles and coffee mugs, to the towels used after dives. We also maintained and updated the newsfeed on the Mission 31 website on a daily basis throughout the mission.