On the Naming of Things

For those of you who get my Andrew Bird reference. . . we’re trying to help a long-standing client come up with a new name to do with their new business approach and new lines of business.   It’s been both fun and challenging.  They want something creative, unique and a bit off-the-wall.  So we’re brainstorming.  We’ve got what we think are some really cool ideas.

Then we open the Urban Dictionary.  Much to our consternation (and complete amusement), the word combinations we are considering almost all have filthy, sexual connotations.  Are there any animals that aren’t references to genitalia anymore?   It turns out, no.  If it’s an animal and it’s paired with any sort of verb, there’s some sick street definition that some sick person probably made true.

So, we’re back to the drawing board.

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